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Opencasa gives domestic and foreign capital entry to one of the fastest growing real estate sectors in the United States, the single-family rental (SFR) market.

Single-family homes (SFH) are houses, as opposed to apartment buildings, that tend to provide more living space including private outdoor space such as gardens. Often located in suburban neighborhoods with access to schools and commerce, they have traditionally been the preferred living choice for the American family.

Through Opencasa, global investors have exceptional tech and data-driven access to the U.S. single-family rental (SFR) market.

We provide our investors with a stable, low risk and an inflationary hedged income stream that is supported by a first class team with exceptional execution capability for maximum capital preservation.

— Ricardo Donoso, Chairman

"The supply of new houses continues to trail historical levels relative to population growth, and builders in some places remain constrained by zoning laws and available land."
The Wall Street Journal September 1st
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Today, the opportunity in the single-family rental (SFR) market is enormous.

Although large institutional investors are growing exponentially, they only control 3% of the market, with the majority still in the hands of smaller investors.

Opencasa targets the other 97% of the single family rental market by using its proprietary tech and data platform, enabling investors to deploy capital and generate immediate and stable cash flow.

Tech and Data integral for both our residents and investor partners

Powered by Tech

With deep tech and data development capabilities, Opencasa generates high levels of efficiency in the acquisition, renovation and operation of its portfolios.

Our sourcing and underwriting platform generates the right mix of single family rental aggregation that minimizes risk vs yield.


Our investment decisions are based on the real-time analysis of the market and a large amount of data that allows for fast and efficient underwriting for each of the properties we aggregate into our portfolios.

Experienced Team

Our management team strives to meet its vision and values in every action.

A hands-on and experienced team that has experience in real estate, tech and billion dollar companies, executes under a bold approach, is using its prorpetary technology to disrupt the U.S. SFR market with heart and balance.

What we buy?

We manage the entire real estate value chain from end-to-end and deliver risk adjusted returns on aggregated SFR portfolio strategies for our investors.

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  • Purchase House
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  • Purchase House
    3B 2D
    3B 2D 1253SQFT
    Purchase Price
    Renovation Investment
    Remodeling Time
    45 Days
    Mar 8th 2023
    3B 2D
    1348 Sqft
    Purchase Price
    Renovation Investment
    Remodeling Time
    54 Days
    Apr 15th 2022
    3B 3D
    1411 Sqft
    Purchase Price
    Renovation Investment
    Remodeling Time
    50 Days
    Mar 31st 2022
    5B 5D
    3769 Sqft
    Purchase Price
    Renovation Investment
    Remodeling Time
    80 Days
    Apr 30th 2022
    3B 3D
    3769 Sqft
    Purchase Price
    Renovation Investment
    Remodeling Time
    20 Days
    May 10th 2022

A technology-driven real estate strategy that adds value

Technology gives us access to good opportunities, allows us to make data-driven decisions and to operate in a highly efficient manner.



We analyze both off and on market properties in real-time. Utilizing tech tools and data sets, we are able to automate and streamline the underwriting and acquisitions process.



Data driven decisions and Targeted renovations: kitchen appliance upgrades, painting, highly resistant flooring materials, improvements to the heating & ventilation system (HVAC), among others, allows us to add value to the home while reducing future operational costs and CAPEX, where we find the right mix between attractiveness to tenants and investment that maximizes returns.



The informed selection and renovation of each home based on the needs of the specific market allows us to attract and retain the right tenants. Constant focus on the resident experience with a professionally managed service reduces turnover and increases profitability.



Experience raising large loan facilities that generate a positive impact on returns.