Opencasa is a tech & data enabled real estate company.

Opencasa provides its partners and investors with targeted access to the +$3.5 trillion U.S. single-family rental (SFR) market and makes a positive impact on the communities in which it invests while providing attractive risk-adjusted returns to investors.

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Through Opencasa, global investors have exceptional data-driven access to the U.S. single-family rental (SFR) market.

Opencasa gives foreign and domestic capital entry to one of the fastest growing real estate sectors in the United States, the single-family rental (SFR) market.

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What are "Single Family Homes"?

Single-family homes (SFH) are houses, as opposed to apartment buildings, that tend to provide more living space including private outdoor space such as gardens. Often located in quiet neighborhoods with access to good schools they are consistently the preferred living choice for the American family. Recent structural & demographic changes in the U.S. and new operational efficiencies have led to outsized demand from institutional investors for this conservative asset class. Today, the opportunity in the single-family rental (SFR) market is enormous. Large institutional owners control only 3% with the majority still in the hands of smaller investors.

fact 1 icon There are ~84mm of single-family homes (SFH) in the United States
fact 2 icon Approximately 17mm of these homes are single-family rentals (SFR)
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"U.S. Housing Market Needs 5.5 Million More Units, Says New Report" - The Wall Street Journal (16 Jun 2021)
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Tech & Data integral for both our residents and investor partners

Powered by Tech
Technology is essential to deliver excellent service to our residents while allowing Opencasa to generate high levels of efficiency in the acquisition, renovation, and operation of our portfolios.
Our investment decisions are based on the real-time analysis of 200+ data points for each acquisition.
Our leadership team combines significant hands-on experience in the SFR market in the U.S. with expertise building technology-focused companies at global scale.


opencasa strategies

Prudent financing to increase profitability

The solid fundamentals of the SFR asset class provide attractive "Loan-to-Value" financing while the growing demand from institutional investors has increased liquidity.

Technology-based acquisition

Technology based acquisitions platform allows for automated real-time analysis of the market providing an advantage in acquiring the best investment opportunities.

Good houses for a better quality of life

We acquire homes in good neighborhoods with quality schools to provide quality of life for our residents.

First-class service

Our extensive technology infrastructure throughout the U.S. allows us to deliver exceptional and efficient service to our residents.

Market with solid foundations

We invest in markets with solid fundamentals focusing on population and job growth.

A technology-driven strategy that adds value

Technology gives us access to the best opportunities, allows us to make data-driven decisions and to operate in a highly efficient manner.
We analyze properties in-real-time as they come to market. Utilizing A.I. and data sets, we are able to automate the acquisitions process giving us an edge in acquisitions.
Targeted renovations: kitchen appliance upgrades, painting, highly resistant flooring materials, improvements to the heating & ventilation system (HVAC), among others, allows us to add value to the home while reducing future operational costs and CAPEX.
The informed selection and renovation of each home based on the needs of the specific market allows us to attract and retain the best residents. Constant focus on the resident experience reduces turnover and increases profitability.
Favorable financing and loan terms allow us to use the debt markets to our advantage increasing the overall profitability of our portfolios.